Form and Color



The color yellow is bright and intense and according to research yellow is the most fatiguing to the eye due to the high amount of light that is reflected. It can also create feelings of frustration and anger. I chose this package because it has many sides and there are many sides of stress.



Grey was the most color chosen for depression from the questionnaire and research. Depression is a complex condition and the package is a complex shape, it is not a regular stabled triangle, but bended. When a person is depressed their mind tend to be dispersed.



Light pink indicates blushing when you are embarrassed and the package is nearly flat which gives an indication of someone who is trying to hide, because people who get embarrassed tend to want to hide or unseen.



An equal number of students chose red for aggressive and romantic. Based on research some showed the negative and positive meaning of the color red. Negative – aggressive, positive – romantic. I decided to have dark red for aggressive and light red for romantic. The package has so many angles and lines which indicates anger. The way I see the package relate to aggression is that it has several behaviors.



The students chose blue for spiritual. I see dancing as something energetic and spiritual. The package I chose shows the movement of dancing just like the turkish whirling dervishes.



Watery blues remind me of the blue sky or the water, according to studies these are the most stress-reducing colors. The package has soft curves that look like waves which I strongly relate relaxation with because the movement of the waves are relaxing.



Green, which is nature’s color, is restful and soothing. Green is thought to relieve stress and help heal. The package has soft curves and an oval shape that look like leaves which I see relating with nature and based on research, soft curves indicates happiness/pleasure and usually calm people are happy/satisfied with their self or surroundings.



I chose turquoise to be the color for complacent because it is a combination of blue and green and I see a complacent person to have two sides because they don’t react but balanced. Based on research, turquoise controls and heals the emotions creating emotional balance and this is how I define complacent – no reaction, balanced mood. The package is rounded with squares and balanced when placed on flat surface.



Red was the color chosen for romantic and it is a symbol of love in most cultures and we see red used in movies to express the love of one person to another such as giving a red roses or having a romantic dinner surrounded by red rose petals. The package has 2 curved sides and I see that it shows when two people fall in love they tend to lean towards each other and get closer.




Pink was chosen for compassionate, research also shows that pink is associated with compassion and clear thinking. I chose a flat surface package because it’s clear and because the definition of compassionate is feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others which the package shows by being puffed. I see it showing care and being warm.




The color psychology of orange is optimistic and uplifting.




Purple symbolizes power, luxury and ambition. I chose a zigzag package because it look like stairs which shows that being ambitious means rising high to achieve the goal and succeed. The quotes also says “Aim for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars”.


The Psychology of Forms

Circular shape: Tenderness – Love – Friendship – Care – Support – Protection – Affection – Compassion.

Squares, rectangles, pyramids: Stability – Strength – Power – Balance – Reliability

Vertical shapes and lines: Strength – Masculinity – Power – Aggression – Courage – Brutality – Dominate – Menacing

Horizontal lines: Tranquillity – Feminine – Calm – Rest – Weak – Peaceful – Composed – Silent – Still – Non menacing

Soft curves: Rhythm – Movement – Happiness – Pleasure – Generosity – Femininity

Sharp angled lines: Energy – Lively – Young – Explosive – Violent – Anger – Rapidity – Dynamic – Movement


Initial thoughts

For the first week I have always had a product in mind, although I knew that we are packaging an idea. After coming up with an idea, the process of the project became much clear. I started looking at ideas and I came up with the idea of moods, which does not have a form.

A mood is an emotional state. Moods differ from emotions, feelings or affects in that they are less specific, less intense, and less likely to be triggered by a particular stimulus or event. Moods generally have either a positive or negative valence.

How I approached this

I conducted a questionnaire for colors where I asked people to relate a color to a mood of what they think. I also researched about the physiology of color and after collecting the questionnaire results I was confused because some moods had an equal number of colors. So I picked some colors based on the questionnaire results and some from research and from my perspective and what I think the color means. I then conducted another questionnaire for shapes. I selected 6 shapes and asked people what mood they think relate to what shape in order for me to know what kind of form/shape I could implement for the package. I also researched about the meaning of forms and found that each form/shape have different meanings that relate to moods.

What I understand from making this project?

With this project I understood the making of a package without a product packed but instead an idea. The overall form of the package is the idea. According to my idea I have an interactive quality to it using weight and part of a song. I understood that it is more of a structural project rather than packaging something.

Mood Board

I started with 7 moods and researched colors that relate to each. I also used some pictures that express the moods and that gives me a better idea of the expression or reaction towards the moods.






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Idea + research


My idea of packaging moods is to have an interactive quality to it and have part of a song for each mood and this part gives an idea of what the mood is.

I chose to have negative and positive moods and use weight to determine each and one mood that is in between, neither negative or positive which is complacent.














In between


Parts from songs

I related parts from songs to some of the moods. Each line/part from the song speak about the current mood.

أنت عمري انت لي ماض و ات أنت حلمي أنت كل الأمنيات Romantic

نسي لساني كلامي .. وزاد حزني بالسكوت الامل شوقي وغرامي .. ينتظر ولا يموت Depressed

لا لا تكدر خاطرك يا أغلى غالي لا لا تزيد الهم ولايضيق صدرك Depressed

ما اقدر أبيّن عن همومي و لا عنك ولا اقدر أداري سِهْر جرحي و نومه Stressed

هدوء سكون صمت شاحب لارفيق لا صديق لا صوت صاحب Stressed

جـت تـسائلني عـلامك منت رايق قـلت رايـق بس ابكتب فيك حاجه Calm

الله يسامحك مابي ادعي بلحظة غضب صرت ماضي في حياتي وانت بالماضي طموحي Aggressive

قال ماقدر يا حبيبي أودعك أه لو ترضى و تاخذني معك Compassionate

إن كان وقتك من ذهب بشري لحظات أسمع بها صوتك ويرتاح بالي Relaxed

The psychology of color