Final Packages







My first idea is inspired by a train. I picked it because when I was a child it was one of the toys I had.

I selected elements from the train to create the letters.


Building blocks

block buildingwooden-building-blocks-handmade-childrens-toys-usa-all-natural-and-organic-smiling-tree

IMG_1482 IMG_1638

I started Sketching some letters based on my inspiration (Building blocks). I found that it’s not very easy to make the letter because the parts does not fit into all the letters, so I did some experiments by cutting shapes and using them to make a letter. I found this way helpful in order to see the skeleton of the letter and then sketch it.

IMG_1502 IMG_1511 IMG_1513 IMG_1498IMG_1501



Arabic books for children 

254735_365682193512118_635597673_n 22598-22599-520x760

Some of these books have legible fonts and some doesn’t.

جدتي ستتذكرني دائما – I find the font of this book legible and..

كائنات سقف الغرفه -Tuluth font is readable, but children may not be able to read some of the ending letters.

هبت ريح قويبة – No system, the letters are not similar and unbalanced.

سبع ارواح – No system and  inconsistency within the letterform.

نمنم يرسم الدنيا – I don’t like the font, but it does have a system and consistent stroke. It does not use vocalization marks which makes it easier for the child to read.


LTHS-2005-B106 971022

IMG_1306 IMG_1307 IMG_1302 IMG_1303 IMG_1304 IMG_1305

English books for children


The font is balanced and has a system (elongated). The font uses the same stroke more than once with each letter.

wto-display-web wto-06-web-1 wto-13-web-1 tdtcch-display-web-2ibeb-13-web-1


IMG_1300 IMG_1301 IMG_1308 IMG_1309



The patterns I created were from the package design itself. I took elements from the form of the package and created a pattern out of it. The forms of each package has a meaning behind it, therefore using elements from each and creating a pattern relating to it gives a stronger connection and meaning to the package.





Experience so far

So far the project has gone smoothly, although I have changed my mind few times it did not affect me because of the extended deadline, instead it helped me make a decision and choose what I want to have for my final.

I first wanted parts of a song then I changed to quotes. I also wanted to create patterns for each mood, but then I didn’t want to have a crowded package, so I chose to have a solid color and the form, quote, weight and color is what determines the mood.

After critique I thought again of using patterns because the package may not be picked even though the form, quote and color can determine the mood, the weight is still part of it. I created the patterns using elements of the package itself. For example, the oval shapes in the package for (calm) were put together to create a pattern.

When I printed the quotes on vinyl I found difficulties picking out the letters because it was too small and I didn’t want to make it big because it will take a lot of space and it will be distracting. I want the quotes to be small in order for the package to be picked and read as well. I decided to have the type printed on the package along with the pattern.



My previous idea was to have parts from songs that relate to each mood, but then I thought to use an image rather than text and for the image I was thinking to make a pattern that relate to the mood. I then changed my mind and went back to my previous idea but I decided to go with quotes rather than parts of a song because songs are mostly based on romantic situations where quotes have a stronger message and for each mood there is a quote. I feel that the quotes make more sense with my packages because every package is different and some relate strongly to the quote.


Calm – Sometimes you can find peace of mind by transferring yourself to different situations. They’re just reminders to stay… calm. Example: different situations – the package has multiple sides and movement to it.

Embarrassed – The awkward moment when you get a flashback of something embarrassing that you did.

-Nothing is more embarrassing than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong.

Aggressive – Aggression only moves in one direction – it creates more aggression.

Stressed – Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.

– Sometimes when people are under stress, they hate to think, and it’s the time when they most need to think.

Romantic – Sometimes I can’t see myself when I’m with you. I can only just see you.

Ambitious – Aim for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars

Optimistic – Don’t let your failures define you—let them teach you.

Compassionate – A kind and compassionate act is often its own reward

Relaxed – Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax

– Remember that in order to be productive you also have to focus on relaxation

Spiritual – Respond to every call that excites your spirit

Depressed – If you could read my mind you’d be in tears

Complacent – I live my life for my own self-satisfaction and need