Experience so far

So far the project has gone smoothly, although I have changed my mind few times it did not affect me because of the extended deadline, instead it helped me make a decision and choose what I want to have for my final.

I first wanted parts of a song then I changed to quotes. I also wanted to create patterns for each mood, but then I didn’t want to have a crowded package, so I chose to have a solid color and the form, quote, weight and color is what determines the mood.

After critique I thought again of using patterns because the package may not be picked even though the form, quote and color can determine the mood, the weight is still part of it. I created the patterns using elements of the package itself. For example, the oval shapes in the package for (calm) were put together to create a pattern.

When I printed the quotes on vinyl I found difficulties picking out the letters because it was too small and I didn’t want to make it big because it will take a lot of space and it will be distracting. I want the quotes to be small in order for the package to be picked and read as well. I decided to have the type printed on the package along with the pattern.



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