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Project 2

What is brand? – The perceived emotional corporate image as a whole.
What is identity? – The visual aspects that form part of the overall brand.
What is a logo? – A logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use


How is branding different than Logo design? 

Visual identity vs the brand logo, what is the difference?

In the highly competitive business world it is important that companies positively position themselves in the marketplace in order to attract a sound customer base. This means developing a cohesive identity that cements the company, and its goods or services, into the minds of the public. This identity is done through branding and having a recognized logo and various designers can be used to help advance the image and identity of the corporation. Branding is the overall identity, and one of its elements is the logo.

Corporations and businesses use the word “branding” as a catching term for the various components found in a corporate identity. Depending on the type of company and what it is marketing, branding includes the company name, slogan (also called “tag line”), signage, packaging, letterhead, advertising, a URL, and a logo. The logo is the graphic symbol that represents the company, and, by extension, the company brand.

“Brand logos are also seen on labels, promotion materials, trade dress and employee uniforms, distribution trucks, and business cards” (Girard, Anitsal and Anitsal).The logo can be said to be the external identifier that helps to increase brand awareness and create brand loyalty. All of these elements help to form a cohesion that is the company brand. The most visible and most memorable element of the brand is the logo.

According to Girard, Anitsal and Anitsal, consumers attach human-like qualities to a company’s brand based on the brand’s values and behaviors. “(The) logo is an important part of the brand as it signals brand character through a stylized treatment of the company or brand name” (Girard, Anitsal and Anitsal). The logo can be said to be something similar to a person’s signature and it should be prominent in the minds of the company’s consumers. The logo becomes the official visual representation of the company brand, and this makes it a highly effective element in the branding strategy.


Logos do not, however, remain static; just as customers’ needs change and times and values change, logos also need to keep current. There are numerous instances of highly recognizable logos that have been modernized throughout the years. One example is the portrait of Betty Crocker.

Betty Crocker (who is not a real person) first showed up in 1921 as a promotional gimmick for General Mills. The name was used to sign off letters to customers sending in inquiries to the company. “Betty” went on to have a successful radio program and even made personal appearances, using actresses. Since her first portrait appeared it has gone through at least eight “makeovers” to change her hair, dress and makeup. This was done to make her appear current with the times.


If the company needs to be seen as being up-to-date, so must its image, and that public image is the logo. Logos are typically created by professional graphic designers, but when a company offers retail space where customers can purchase its goods, it may also use an interior designer to create an interior space that also works in concert with the company’s brand.

7-coke 5-starbucks

Your visual identity is more than your logo

-Brand is your strategy

-Brand is your communication tool

-Brand is your call to action

-Brand is your customer service

-Brand is the way you speak

-Brand is your people and facilities

-Brand is your logo and visuals, too

Visual identity A visual identity is built on the use of a set of colors, fonts and imagery that are used to symbolize a brand and distinguish it from other similar trademarks in a given industry.

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